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Top 5 wordpress pluginsWordPress has come a long way in helping webmasters to create engaging platforms for their high quality content, either hosted at, or on their own servers under a domain name.  Its ease of use and endless potential for customization make it an attractive option for webmasters on a budget because it is free.  There are also many plugins that can be installed to help optimize your website for search engines.  Here are a few of them:

1.  All in One SEO Pack helps improve your search rank by letting you insert custom meta tags,post titles, and descriptions.  Beyond this, it also makes it possible to create meta tags for individual posts.  All of this can come in handy and set your WordPress site apart from the pack.

2.  SEO Friendly Images helps to avoid situations in which you forget to apply the “alt” attribute to an image you upload for a post and takes it further by providing a way to override the default WordPress image alt tag, automatically substituting that for the %name and %title attributes.

3.  Google XML Sitemaps allows your site to generate XML sitemaps that are helpful in getting your site indexed.  It comes with support for Google, Bing/Yahoo!,, and MSN.  All will be instantly aware when a new post goes live.

4.  WordPress Canonical URLS lets you insert the all-important rel=”canonical” to the  <head> section of posts and pages, and overrides thecanonical link from WordPress 2.9 that wasn’t especially good.

5.  WordPress SEO by Yoast has become a well known and popular all in one plugin for WordPress users wishing to improve their rankings.  With in depth page analysis and ways to selectively optimize each post, its title, the prevalence of keywords, and meta elements, this SEO tool is a favorite – but be careful not to overdo it.  Google is apparently watching out for over optimized websites.

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