Top 5 WordPress Themes from 2011

Top 5 WordPress Themes From 2011The WordPress platform is being enhanced on a regular basis and one can correctly point out that it is getting better and better. As for the WordPress themes, the theme developers have been making very effective and optimal usage of these enhancements and added features in WordPress platform. They are constantly extending the limits of the WordPress and making it do things that no one expected it to do. The WordPress Themes are now able to do much more than what they were able to do a few years ago. The offshore web development companies have been making the most out of these themes by providing their clients with much better and effective solutions built over WordPress platform.

We bring to you the top 5 WordPress Themes of 2011:

1. Daily Post: This Simple and beautiful theme gets its place in this list due to various factors. Firstly, the theme is available for free and its features are most suitable for creating personal blogs. As users don’t usually want to pay much for personal blogs therefore it is most suitable for such users. Moreover, the excellent usage of HTML5 and CSS3 make it perfect for mobile phones and tablets too.

2. PhotoClick: This WordPress theme from 2011 is among the best available themes for developing photography websites. The one column design makes it perfect for displaying large images with maximum picture quality. As such the theme is available for free but you can always download the premium version for $4.99 and get extra color schemes, banner integration, original PSD file of the theme and custom widgets. No doubt it is one of the most preferred themes for photography websites.

3. ProReviewTheme: This theme is the best 2011 theme for developing Amazon and ClickBank affiliate review sites. Minimum time and effort is required in creating a complete review site using this theme. Products can be rated according to the famous 5 star rating system. This theme has also been optimized for proper display and usability over mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones etc.

4. FaultPress: FaultPress is a paid WordPress theme from WooThemes and it can turn WordPress into a Fully Functional bug tracking system. Milestones can be set to monitor and determine the progress of the projects. Further, tickets can also be raised by users to inform you about the things that require your attention. Further, there is a very efficient and effective messaging system that has been enhanced for mobile phones and tablets and allows users and developers to communicate with each other.

5. The Navigator: This WordPress Theme is one of the best themes for developing travel websites. The theme makes optimum utilization of Google Maps and displays a full screen map of the world. Trips are posted on the map using pins and their details are viewable in a content box present in the left hand side. An image of the location is displayed in full screen mode as the background image.

This is just a list of personal favorite WordPress themes. However, if you have any suggestions or want to add something extra then please feel free to comment.

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