5 Smart WordPress Tips for Effective Blogging

Bashir Ahmed

My name is +Bashir Ahmed! I am a full time Blogger and I love blogging. I like to share blogging tips, Technology news, social media marketing. If you want to write a guest post for my blog click here. Check my Free WordPress Blog Installation Service Here!!

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17 Responses

  1. Wilson says:

    Hi Bashir, This are really smart wordpress tips, I’d like to add the fact that we could also optimize our wordpress blog to be mobile friendly and be able to place ads in it….. so we can convert those mobile traffic to some $$$ :D…

    Nice article bro.

    • Bashir Ahmed says:

      Hi Wilson,

      Thanks for liking the post and adding your tip. I agree with you, we should use plugins and coding to make our blogs mobile friendly. This way we can get mobile traffic and yes we can place Ads too.

  2. Hi Bashir,
    Yes, these are indeed some of the bare minimums needed to make your WordPress blog a success. Remember that since there are many other WordPress blogs out there this translates to plenty of competition. This simple overview should be a great starting point for entrepreneurs and small business owners planning to use WordPress. Thanks for sharing this post with the BizSugar community.

  3. anis says:

    This is an awesome post Bashir learned lots of new stuff here,
    as you know I’m new to WordPress blogging,
    that’s why this post has been really helpful and extremely useful for me
    thanks for sharing such a vital and informative post
    have a nice day Mate 😀

  4. Martin says:

    Posts about WordPress are of immidiate interest right now. Every mentioning about it makes the blog more readable and popular/ Great tips though.. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Estelle says:

    Nice tips, Stacey. To add to the above tips, it’s a good idea to use a theme that fits the niche or topic of your blog. For instance, green-ish background looks good for a health blog whereas light grayish looks professional and is ideal for marketing blogs and so on.

  6. Pramod says:

    Hey brother , these are indeed the best tips that any blogger should consider at the highest priority especially the images one .. images do attract readers more than attractive titles . thanks for the info

    best regards from pramod

  7. Emmanuel says:

    Hey Bashir,
    That was a lovely post. Optimizing blog posts is indeed paramount.

  8. Nick Rose says:

    Great tips here…blogging is becoming more and more important for businesses!

  9. Susan Velez says:

    I love using WordPress for all my sites. I don’t know if I do all the steps mentioned. One of the things that I do when I set up all my personal sites is I take a step further and do a secure installation. This means that I don’t use the one click cPanel install. I will have to begin implementing these other things to ensure that I get the most out of my sites. Thanks

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