Should Your Teen Be Blogging? It Might Just Be Healthy

Just like everybody else in the world, teens have taken up blogging in record numbers. While it might be tempting for you as a parent to think that something is wrong with your teen if he or she posts a lot, this isn’t wrong in the slightest. As a matter of fact, it can actually be a very healthy way to express themselves and blow off some steam.


This is the Blogging Generation

Over the past few years, blogging has gone from a niche hobby that only a few hardcore writers pursued to a downright mainstream activity. A person can blog away like a machine and still be considered absolutely within the bounds of social acceptability. Since teens tend to need that social validation, this alone should tell you that it’s okay.


It’s Like a Journal

Every since writing began, people have been keeping journals. They’re one of the best tools possible for allowing a person to be introspective. When your teen puts up a blog post where they really examine what they’re feeling and why, they are doing one of the most healthy emotional activities possible. Sometimes a teen will even “confess” to something they wish they hadn’t done, which is also good for them emotionally — even if it does compel you to administer some punishment.


Another way that blogs act like journals is that they allow a person to chronicle a part of their life. In twenty years, your teen might still be able to find their old blog — and they’ll be embarrassed by it. But nonetheless, it’s important to keep a connection between the young person your teen is today and the adult they’re slowly becoming.


A Little Venting is Normal

Sometimes your teen is going to blog some downright nasty things. This will happen if they’re cut from a sports team, if they’re dumped by someone they’re really attracted to, and sometimes if they’re just feeling frustrated with life. When kids hold these things inside, they lash out at random times. Online venting is not only normal but a great release valve. Wouldn’t you rather read a string of obscenities out of your teen than get called to jail when they get into a street brawl?


As a parent, you are naturally going to worry about your child. Even if your teen is taller than you and strong as an ox, they’re still your child in some part of your mind. But blogging is not something that should inspire any worries on your part. When your teen blogs, you can rest assured that they’re not doing anything to harm themselves or others — and if they are, you’ll be able to read all about it.

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