Top 5 Ways To Increase Domain Authority Score

Increasing the domain authority score is one of the major challenges for bloggers. A better domain authority score means that the blog has quality content and is trustworthy. Bloggers can then showcase their high domain trust factor to attract more number of advertisers to their blogs. One of the most factor through which search determine the domain authority score for blogs is through the number and quality of inbound links that a blog has. Below are some of the tips for bloggers to increase their domain authority score:


Domain Authority

  • 1# Start with your Content

Bloggers who have just started their blogs should post a good and unique post regularly. The better the quality of the blog posts, the more will be the chances to earn high quality natural links to your posts. A good practice to be inculcated by bloggers is to write ‘how to do guides’, create listified posts, or create an infographic on a topic. The basic underlying idea is to get as many quality links as possible from similar niche websites.


  • 2# Inbound Links

The most important factor that search engines keep in mind when determining the authority of a domain is the number of inbound links coming from high quality sites. If a blog has more number of inbound links from high authority sites then the blog is also considered as high authority by search engines. Many SEO tactics are used to build back links to blogs, but what really helps in the long run is the ability to create and distribute quality content on a continuous basis.


  • 3# Commenting On Other Blogs

Pick a handful of blogs belonging to your own niche which should be followed regularly and commented. But, building links always from the same blogs will not impress search engines. So, a better strategy to increase domain authority score is to comment on blogs belonging to a different niche. This will help in taking your blog to the next level and getting ranked faster in the eyes of major search engines like Google and Bing.


  • 4# Avoid Prohibited Sites/Blogs

Search engines doesn’t recognize back links from some kind of websites/blogs which are in their negative list. While building back links to your blog, try to avoid building back links from sites/blogs which have content related to pornography, gambling, religious fundamentalism, violence, etc. In some cases search engine may even penalize websites which have back links from these prohibited blogs.


  • 5# Link Deep in Your Blog

When you are adding new content to your blog, remember to link it to the older and relevant articles in your blog. This will tell the search engines that your blog also has other good quality content in the inner pages too. This will help in your new article getting ranked much sooner than you could imagine. Linking deep in your blog will also help in building trust into these pages and improving the authority of your domain.


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The above tips when implemented properly will help in improving the number of inbound links to a blog and thereby increasing the domain authority score.


Your turn: Do you have other tips?Β  please share with me in your comments below.

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