5 Reasons Why Blog Post Comments Are Indispensible Parts Of Any Blog

BLog commentsWhen you are a beginning blogger, you may end up being obsessed about many things you can do to make the blog better. This is especially so when you are thinking of monetizing it, in which case you would pay even greater attention to any methods that you can use for this kind of thing. One of the elements of any blog that you can use to guide you in improving the site is the comments section. Most people do not place a lot of importance on this section, but in fact it can be one of the most resourceful parts of any blog posts. Some of the things that a blogger can benefit from due to the presence of a simple comments section include:

Retaining readership

When you write an evocative piece on your blog and do not allow any comments to be written on it, most readers will simply read it and move on. When you allow them to comment, however, this usually changes. Many people will start airing their views about what you have written, and if it is evocative enough then discussions will start in the comments section. What does this mean for you as a blogger? Basically, you will end up getting many people who read the piece, comment on it and then keep checking back to see what others have written. This will manifest as increased traffic to the site, and if you happen to have ads on the page then you will definitely get more income from it. The process of checking the comments repeatedly also makes readers familiar with your blog, which means that later on they are likely to visit just to see what’s going on.

Comments help you find out what’s wrong with your blog

When you are a blogger, there are times when you may be oblivious to some issues on the blog. For instance, if you have too many ads, you may not think that this has any effect on your traffic if no one tells you this. When you have a comments section, you are bound to find a few complaints about such issues, and you can then fix them. In addition to that, you will also find critiques on issues to do with your articles, making it much easier for you to be corrected on an issue you did not know you had gotten wrong.

Comments can help you come up with new content

When you blog continuously, you are bound to reach a stage where you do not have much else to say. In such cases, you often need some kind of inspiration to come up with new material. There are many places where you can get such inspiration, and your blog’s comments section is one of the best. By simply going through what other people have to say, you can get an idea of some of the things you can blog about in future.

Identification of potential guest bloggers

If you are interested in letting other people write guest posts on your blog, your comments section would be the best place to find them. Most of the time, these are people who are frequent commenters who therefore have an idea of your stand on issues that you blog about. When you go through your comments, you are bound to find one or two people who seem like they will be able to infuse some freshness into your blog, and you can then contact them with the proposal. The fact that they are familiar with your blog means that they are unlikely to go out of line with what you usually blog about.

Comments give you an idea about the general “health” of your blog

Variations in the number of comments on your blog posts may give you a clue as to whether what you are doing is right or wrong. For instance, if you change your writing style and notice an increase in the number of comments, you can assume that your previous style was not appealing (unless, of course, the increased number of comments is mainly a negative one, objecting the change in tone). This can then guide you on what you can do to make your blog better for your readers.

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